Why Blog?

As I kick off my first blog, the first question to answer is why would a seminarian busy with studies want to spend time blogging?

Why Blog? It is clear to me that God, by calling me to the priesthood, is calling me to service. Therefore, I believe that all I receive is not mine to keep but has been given to me to share and use for the service of others. Just as in the Gospel God gives certain talents to some and different talents to others asking them to steward them not as their own but as His. Matthew 25:14-30. So, I feel that as a seminarian in formation there are so many experiences I receive through: prayer, fraternity, readings, studies, apostolate and by being in Rome, that I would be wasting them by keeping them to myself.

Why the name? I have chosen the theme of ‘In the Heart of the Church’ for both my blog and my newsletter for two reasons.
1. First of all, I have begun a five-year period of studies in Rome, Italy. Rome truly is the heart of the Church where the Pope resides and where the Christian faith has lived its 2,000 year history in all of its ups and downs.
2. Secondly, I am a seminarian, a priest in the making. You could say that I am in the womb of the Church being nurtured by my seminary mentors and teachers that are helping to prepare me for the day that I will be ordained a priest of Jesus Christ.


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